1. Tardigrade : Water Bears

    Tardigrades are able to survive the most extreme environments that would kill almost any other animal. They can take temperatures close to absolute zero and hotter than boiling water, withstand over 1000 times more radiation than humans, can live over a decade without water, endure six times the water pressure in the deepest ocean trench, and even survived in the vacuum of space, making them the only animals to do so.

    (Source: mudfooted.com)

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    yo I have never heard of animals surviving in fuckin space I guess we know what to look for when looking for aliens.
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    ITS LIKE A POKEMON but real
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    I am OBSESSED with these things
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    Not sure if I find these adorable or slightly eww-inducing. But still, I am sucker for their space mission name-...
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    These things are so awesome. And cool-looking.
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    They look like microscopic hamsters.
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